Creator: seiromem
BGM: "Athletic BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 2
Yoshis: 2
1-Ups: 5 (1 Moon)
Kelly: Yes
1-7 The Hop

This odd SMB1-style level is the game's first proper Athletic stage. The design is a bit unconventional, but it provides some challenge with several tricky jumps, making its title very fitting.

Kelly's at the start to encourage you, and you'll find Yoshi along the way, too. If nothing else, the dino can save you from a spill once or twice. He might even help you land those special suits.

Secret SuitsEdit

1-7 Suit1

This stage has one each of the tanooki and hammer suits. The former is near the end of the first section. There are two coins at the top of the screen where the level opens up. Bouncing high off a mushroom platform with enough momentum will get you up there.

In the alcove you find, a POW block sitting next to a big ? block. If you use the POW to get the suit, it won't knock down all the coins hanging up above. Bringing a shell with you is advisable to get both.

1-7 Suit2

The hammer suit is in the final section, and you need the stopwatch to get it. The mushroom blocks will fall away if time isn't frozen, so you have to grab the watch and hurry to the pipe. However, if you jump off Yoshi, you can enter this pipe even if there's nothing to stand on. If you do it this way, you can use the stopwatch to get the 3-Up moon instead.


1-7 Life1

The first life is at the start of the stage. An invisible block contains a vine that leads to a pipe. The 1-Up is in the bonus vault it leads to.

1-7 Life2

The second 1-Up is just after the first. Grab a koopa shell and kick it  into the far-up ? block. Make sure you catch the mushroom before it scoots off the cliff!

1-7 Life3

The 3-Up moon also requires the stop watch to get. Without time being frozen, there's nothing underneath it to land on. Even a Yoshi jump couldn't get you to safety if you fell onto it, so using the watch is a must. If you use the trick descrived above to get the hammer suit, though, you won't have to choose.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the piranha plant at the start.
  2. In the bonus vault with the first 1-Up.
  3. Over the abyss partway through the first section.
  4. In the air at the end of the first section.
  5. Near the 3-Up moon in the final section.