Creator: Deckiller & Isrieri
BGM: "Spirit Temple" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Main Power-Up: Leaf
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
6-3 Spirit Temple

Yet another temple from the Ocarina of Time. This desert palace doesn't have many secrets, but you'll need the power of both fire and ice to find them. You can choose which path you take first and second, but the death wall is inevitable. It's hard to say which is more dizzying: its heights, or its movements.


6-3 Life1

On the left side of the temple, a wall of ice seals you from the door. If you can keep the fire flower from the bottom long enough, you can melt through to get your prize. Cobrats fire on you constantly, so don't think you're completely safe up there!

6-3 Life2

On the right side of the temple, a big piranha plant pops in and out of the quicksand. Freeze it with an ice ball to use it as a platform to reach the door. Of course, Cobrats are spitting fireballs over here, too...

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Encased in bricks to the right of the temple.
  2. With the fire side 1-Up.
  3. With the ice side 1-Up.
  4. Near the left spikes at the bottom of the death wall.
  5. Near the left spikes at the top of the death wall.


This was the final stage completed for the project due to extenuating circumstances with its creators. At the time, Deckiller was preoccupied with real life matters and had Isrieri helping him build the stage. However, Isrieri also became burned out. His version of the stage was scattered and unfinished. halibabica was ready to step in, but at the last moment, Deckiller found the time to construct the level himself. Most of it is as he made it, but the death wall was in dire need of repair. Thus, halibabica redesigned that section alone. In spite of all this, the level is (willfully) credited to Deckiller & Isrieri.