Creator: DarklordKeinor
BGM: "Lizard Dance" from Chrono Cross
Secret BGM: "Underground BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Yoshis: 2
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: No
2-5 Simplicity

This level is a pleasant nature hike. Its length may test your endurance, but you can ride Yoshi to take a load off, and the Lizard Dance theme should keep you skipping along.

Down the road, you'll meet a friendly hiker Toad and see plenty of classic SMW scenery. Let the atmosphere take you in, and you'll find the end before you know it.


2-5 Life

The stage's only 1-Up is hidden in its second secret area. The entrance pipe is toward the end of the stage, where a horizontal pipe bridges a gap.

In the cavern, the 1-Up is in an invisible block high above a springy platform. This sneaky secret could elude you if you didn't think to check for it. At least the RMN coin is out in the open.

Other SecretEdit

2-5 Secret

The stage's first secret area is connected to a P-Switch in a yellow flip block early on. You can collect this nice chunk of coins when you press it, but further along is the entrance pipe. If you spend too long getting the coins, you'll miss your chance.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above a hill near the start.
  2. Shortly before the first secret pipe.
  3. At the top of the vine near the hiker Toad.
  4. Above the spring platform after the checkpoint.
  5. Inside the final secret section.