Creator: Deckiller & Isrieri
BGM: "Shadow Temple" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Main Power-Up: Feather (Leaf)
Suits: 2
1-Ups: 5 (1 Moon)
Kelly: Yes
8-5 Shadow Temple
The final temple level, completing Deckiller's set from Ocarina of Time. Designed by Isrieri, it's even more dastardly than you might expect. On top of the borrowed themes of invisible platforms, there are fire bars, lethal muck, spike pits, and Big Boos that can only be seen when you look away from them.

Kelly's right up front to offer her best advice thus far. Don't fall for the tricks (literally) and try not to let the stage intimidate you.

Tanooki SuitsEdit

8-5 Suit1

Mario doesn't get a Lens of Truth to reveal secrets to him, but the tanooki suit works almost just as well. Both the level's suits aren't particularly hidden, but being able to turn to stone and reveal hidden platforms is invaluable here. The first suit is to the right of the second long drop.

8-5 Suit2

The second suit can be found if you skip the elevator and continue to the right. The road is treacherous, but it's the only other suit in the stage. You won't even find any others beyond the checkpoint. Plus, there's an RMN coin on the way.


8-5 Life1

On the left end of the first basement, the path spits left and down. An RMN coin is on the left, and this ? block can be found below it. If you go for the coin, the Buzzy Beetle wanders into the nearby muck (and dies). Without it, you can't kick a shell into the block. If you lost your feathers and suits, then you're out of luck.

8-5 Life2

At the elevator down, petrifying will reveal these platforms leading up. An extra life is waiting at the top.

8-5 Life3

After the checkpoint, the ominous chasm has a secret as well. If you still have a tanooki suit, you can reveal these invisible platforms. Jump carefully across them, and you'll find a 3-Up moon as your reward. Worth the risk? Just maybe.

Other SecretEdit

8-5 Secret

If you fall in this blood puddle at the start of the ferry section, you'll find yourself boxed in by invisible blocks. Don't rage quit, though; it's not one of THOSE games. The space furthest to the left can be jumped through. Isrieri has a sick sense of humor.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In an emblem of coins on the first floor.
  2. On the upper path near Big Boo in the first basement.
  3. Near the rail lift above the second tanooki suit.
  4. Hanging in midair near the end of the first section.
  5. Among the coins along the ferry ride near the level's end.