Creator: Isrieri
BGM: "Underground BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Yoshis: 1
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: No
4-7 Riveting River Rafting

By 'rafting' we mean 'skull riding' and by 'river' we mean 'lava'. Obviously.

This stage is themed after SMW's lava ride stage from Vanilla Dome, but with Isrieri's own take on things. There are multiple paths to go through, but which ones you take depend on your skill. The upper path is difficult to stay on, but has some good rewards.


4-7 Ride

On the second raft ride, You eventually come to a steep drop. A paratroopa flies up and down a short distance away. If you jump at the last second, you can bounce off this paratroopa and reach the ledge on the right. Yoshi can be found in a block on the next platform.

Just be careful at the end of this stretch. Jump as far to the right as you can!


4-7 Life

The only 1-Up in the stage is on the lower path of the final raft ride. It's in the second-to-last ? block in the row, but getting it and keeping your ride is tricky. If you take the high road, you'll miss it completely, though you could backtrack for it instead of jumping down.

Other SecretsEdit

4-7 Secret1

At the start of the stage, reaching the upper path takes a leap of faith. If you land squarely on the springboard, hold the jump key, and keep your forward momentum, you'll continue up to squash this paratroopa. Don't let go of the keys, though! From it, you'll bounce to the upper path no problem. It's hard to get the hang of, but very satisfying to pull off.

4-7 Secret2

Just before the final raft, a green pipe takes you down to this bonus room. A thwomp is guarding a feather, but if you found Yoshi earlier, nabbing it's a cinch.

4-7 Secret3

If you get the feather from the thwomp, you can use it to fly to the upper path instead of riding the final raft. You'll pass up the extra life, but there's an RMN coin up there with a less harrowing gauntlet of enemies. As before, you can always go back to take the low road for the 1-Up, though you'd get one if you had all the RMN coins anyway.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Along the high road at the start.
  2. In the air partway through the second raft ride.
  3. Along the high road after Yoshi.
  4. On the highest platform before the final raft ride.
  5. Along the high road above the final raft ride.