Creator: DarklordKeinor
BGM: "Aintsuberun no Mori" from Fate/Stay Night
Normal BGM: "Uruwashiki Hana" from Fate/Stay Night
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: Yes
6-B1 Path to Darkness

This stage's pleasant exterior hides a twisted secret. Through the castle in the portrait, you emerge in a terrifying setting. Blood covers the blocks, walls, and floors. J Sons, Axe Bros., and Knife Bros. are found all over the place. The sky is pitch black, the music is unnervingly eerie, and the whole area is just downright evil.

Kelly's wondering what's wrong with by the time you reach the end. Where'd you get that chainsaw, anyway?


6-B1 Life1

The first 1-Up is hidden in the underground blood lake. The first horizontal pipe you see takes you inside.

Pressing the P-Switch causes red coins to appear in the blood. If you swim down and collect them all in time, the extra life is yours.

6-B1 Life2

The second 1-Up can be found right above the first. Go to the top of the metal blocks above the secret section and jump in the middle of the highest one. An invisible block will cough up the shroom for you.

Other SecretEdit

6-B1 Secret

Near the end of the stage, a whole row of J Sons is waiting for you to murder them with the chainsaw. However, if you bring a shell from earlier in the level and kick it into them instead, you'll not only get a 1-Up, but a 5-Up for the Axe Bro at the end. Hitting the shell with a fireball gives a 1-Up as well, for grand total of seven extra lives.

Too bad getting a shell there is very difficult. It's almost impossible to resist using the chainsaw anyway.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. On the highest metal block in the first section.
  2. In an alcove a short way into the second section.
  3. Above a metal block near the second 1-Up.
  4. At the top of the spiked wooden block array.
  5. To the left of the castle in the third section.