Creator: Ratty524
BGM: "Dungeon" from Dragon Quest 3
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 3
Kelly: Yes
6-7 Jail Breakers

Everyone's in prison! Even Kelly, although no jail can hold her for long. Luckily, it seems Bowser's top-of-the-line security includes pipes that spawn infinite keys. The Mario Bros. and Toad can follow the main path, but Peach and Link have alternate passages through the dungeon. Not everyone can spin jump, after all.

Whichever way you get through, be sure to pick up these goodies along the way, and watch out for Spear Bros.!


6-7 Life1

Against the wall above the very first key spawner, you'll find an invisible block with an extra life.

6-7 Life2

After the characters' paths converge, this ? block is found against the floor of the bridge. Jumping off the nearby Spear Bro will let you hit it from below, but you can also bash it open with a key.

6-7 Life3

After escaping, one last extra life is your reward. It's hiding in an invisible block right against the prison wall.

Other SecretEdit

6-7 Secret

In the horizontal section, there's an ice flower hidden in this invisible block. It's at the end of the passage before the locked door, but only Link can get in from the one side. The other characters have to enter the upper door, go to the left of the locked door, and enter from the other side. There's another Spear Bro in here, so be careful!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the lava near the character blocks.
  2. In the narrow passage to the left of the second 1-Up.
  3. Under a falling platform near the second 1-Up.
  4. On the lower route of the horizontal section.
  5. Behind three fire bars on the way out of the castle.