Creator: Ratty524
BGM: "Overworld BGM" from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Secret BGM: "Super Pipe House" from Super Mario RPG
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 6 (1 Moon)
Kelly: No
1-1 Green Grass Galavant

Stage 1-1 is a happy hilly romp; as nostalgic you could ever hope for the game's first level. Don't let its simple appearance fool you, though. It has plenty of secrets scattered all around, and its fair share of hazards as well!

Be careful near the cliffs and watch out for the fire-spitting piranha plants, and you should get through just fine. Finding the stage's only leaf can lead to even greater rewards...

Tanooki SuitEdit

1-1 Suit

Take to the sky just before the rail lift section, and you'll find a trail of coins to follow. The tanooki suit waits at the end inside a big block. But can't find the leaf until after this point. You'll either have to backtrack or enter the stage with one.


1-1 Life1

The first 1-Up is hidden inside an invisible block just before the stage's first cliff. No Kaizo tricks here; it's far enough back that it won't make you fall off.

1-1 Life2

The 3-Up moon is another flight secret. It's directly above the start of the level, so fly straight up from there!

1-1 Life3

You'll get a 1-Up as your reward for collecting the eight red coins. They appear when you hit the P-Switch, but be careful! Don't fall off the cliff while scrambling for the coins!

1-1 Life4

The last 1-Up is in a ground-level ? block. Nabbing it's as simple as kicking the koopa shell nearby.

Other SecretsEdit

1-1 Secret1

You'll find this vine in the bricks beyond the 2nd RMN coin. Take the high road for a nice treasure trove in the clouds. There are many other coins to be found in the open air, but you'll need a leaf to reach them.

1-1 Secret2

This secret pipe hides among a slew of other piranha-infested ones shortly after the checkpoint. It leads to a big vault of coins with an RMN coin to boot.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Over the first cliff.
  2. Between the two green hills before the rail lift.
  3. Just after the checkpoint.
  4. In the bonus vault.
  5. Above the springboard pit.