Creator: Ratty524
BGM: "Ghostly Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
4-3 Ghoulish Ghastly Ghosts

This wicked ghost house stage has less to do with ghosts than its title suggests. Rather, the level's gimmick revolves around invisible blocks that flicker into sight only for brief moments. Your success in getting through the maze-like corridors depends on how observant you are of these mysterious obstacles.

The stage is so wrapped up in its own tricks, that there aren't a lot of secrets to be found. Still, there are a few up front worth snagging.


4-3 Life1

When you first enter the house, jump straight up. Two hidden coin blocks lead to an invisible block with a 1-Up near the top of the wall.

4-3 Life2

While riding the elevator up, rows of invisible blocks will force you to choose a path. The safe spots are marked with coins, and the one on the right has a 1-Up in a block. You'd never get it in time if you went the other direction.

Other SecretEdit

4-3 Secret

Stick to the right of the elevator shaft after getting the second extra life. Another invisible block is there; this one with a vine. It leads to a small bonus room with a big pile of coins. There's an RMN coin up there, too!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. On top of a hidden platform in the first room.
  2. On the left of the elevator shaft.
  3. In the vine bonus room.
  4. Inside the invisible maze after the checkpoint.
  5. Inside an invisible wall over a fake pit.