Creator: Isrieri
BGM: "Overworld" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB3)
Interior BGM: "Underworld" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB3)
Sky BGM: "Athletic" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB3)
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
Shoes: 2
1-Ups: 5
Kelly: No
3-1 Gabon Plains

This stage is themed after an obscure little level from World 3 of Super Mario Bros. 3. It features gabon; a spike ball-spitting little frog turtle thing. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard level. It borrows its design elements heavily from SMB3, so it's very nostalgic in that regard.

It's also packed with more secrets than it feels like it ought to be. They're all well-hidden, though, so pay attention or you're sure to miss them! Even if you find them, they could trick you out of your rewards...

Tanooki SuitEdit

3-1 Suit

If you can keep your leaf from the start of the stage, use it to fly to the top of the pipe with the water pouring out the bottom. Inside is a bonus chamber with a tanooki suit. Don't just freefall when you enter, though. The passage to the suit is narrow. Use the tail that got you here in the first place!

Secret ShoesEdit

3-1 Ride1

Just beyond the pipe with the suit, some paragoombas are hopping along. Bounce off one to hit this block, and you'll find a kuribo's shoe.

3-1 Ride2

This stage has an even more secret shoe. Should you keep your flight ability all the way to the end, fly up on top of the giant obelisk. A stash of coins and a podoboo's shoe await you there.


3-1 Life1

The first extra life is inside a cluster of regular bricks. There's a secret vine a little before that leads to the P-Switch in the sky. Pressing the switch lets you collect the blocks as coins and grab the 1-Up, but if you gather them all, it puts this RMN coin out of reach!

Luckily, you can still jump to the coin from the clouds where you found the switch to begin with.

3-1 Life2

Another secret vine is found just before the checkpoint in an invisible block here. It leads to a cloudy bonus section with a P-Switch. When you hit the switch, try to collect the coins that appear! If you get them all, three 1-Ups will rain down on you. It's not easy, though!

3-1 Life3

The final extra life depends on a P-Switch as well. Near the end of the stage, it sits in a ? block that's too high to reach. Using a switch will let you stand on the coins beneath to hit it, but this could ruin your chances of getting the RMN coin a little before it.

A smart alternative is to kick a shell up into the block instead. Smart!

Other SecretsEdit

3-1 Secret1

In spite of all that, there are still two other little secrets. The first is in this pipe shortly after the kuribo's shoe. It's a small underground section with some cash and an RMN coin. The exit to the room is up in the air, but there's a subtle clue of how to get out. An invisible block sits under the only hole with a coin.

3-1 Secret2

There are only two leaves in the stage, and the first is the only obvious one. The second is in an invisible note block just after the checkpoint. With all the juicy stuff to fly to in this stage, this can be handy to have.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. On the high mountain near the first 1-Up.
  2. In the secret underground section.
  3. Above the blocks just before the checkpoint.
  4. In the sky above the pit of blocks.
  5. On a ledge at the stage's end.


This stage was originally called "The Level Nobody Remembers." halibabica remembered it and insisted the title be changed.

This is one of the few stages that broke the events rules about swimmable waterfalls. It was left alone as part of the throwback to SMB3.