This whacked-up weirdo is the author self-insert of the game's lead developer, halibabica. He was the villain in both Super RMN Bros. 3 and Super RMN All-Stars, and now he's here claiming to be making amends. He had the World Gallery built to impress Mario & Co., but he's shut the door and locked them all inside. Could he get more suspicious?

In truth, this fragment of halibabica's personality has completely lost his mind. He's stuck in the past; remembering all too well the sordid history of the series he occupies. He's out for recognition he's convinced he'll never receive, and he's prepared to end it all when he doesn't get it. After completing the trials of the gallery, he awaits Mario and his companions at the end of the final portrait: Our Gracious Host. He disappears from the entrance door then, and the castle can be exited from there, but...can you ever really leave?