Creator: wildwes
BGM: "Athletic BGM" from Super Mario World
Secret BGM: "Underground BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Feather (Leaf)
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: No
2-3 Cloudy Climb

This athletic stage makes generous use of moving pipes and platforms. In spite of everything shifting around, it's best to time your jumps and move along carefully. Or throw caution to the wind and just run as fast you can. You'll probably fall to your death, but at least it'll be fun, right?

The level doesn't have much in the way of secrets, so it's pretty straight-forward overall. Stay alert and choose your jumps, and you'll get through in one piece.


2-3 Life

The stage's extra life is hiding in its only secret area. The pipe after the checkpoint leads to this underground chamber, where the life waits in a ? block. You'll find an RMN coin down there, too.

Other SecretEdit

2-3 Secret

You could bounce off the blue paratroopa to cross the gap, but hitting the blue switch is advisable. It creates the path to two RMN coins; one a short distance backwards, and the other at the top of a vine. If you don't hit the block, a high jump could drop some goombas on you further along. Yikes!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the clouds near the start.
  2. Above the clouds near the grinder.
  3. In the underground secret.
  4. Over the cliff before the blue switch block.
  5. At the end of the vine's switch block path.