Creator: Jparker1984
BGM: "Beware the Forest Mushrooms" from Super Mario RPG
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
6-5 Chaos Woods

As the title suggests, these woods are a little chaotic! The level progresses in a non-linear fashion. You start out going left, but the fork in the road could leave you feeling lost, and you'll have to go up, back, down, and all around to get through.

Not to mention all the plants and Koopas wandering around. This was Jparker1984's first SMBX stage ever, and he didn't pull any punches!

Tanooki SuitEdit

6-5 Suit

Getting the tanooki suit is a little tricky. The brick above it contains a vine, and you need one of the nearby Bob-Ombs to blast it open. Once up top, the slopes prevent you from picking up the P-Switch, so you have to hit it and race to the bottom of the room. Cross the coin bricks quickly, grab the suit, and hurry back.


6-5 Life1

A bubbled 1-Up is waiting for you right at the start. Bounce up the note blocks and brave the Piranha Plants to get the extra life.

6-5 Life2

The second 1-Up can be found after the checkpoint. It's hidden in the top of these two bricks. The lower one contains a coin, so it can't be smashed. You'll need a tail or shell to get the mushroom out.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In a wooden alcove above the start area.
  2. At the top of shaft full of note blocks.
  3. Guarded by Bill Blasters before the checkpoint.
  4. Between two vines along the top of the stage.
  5. On the left near the end of the rail lift.