Creator: Desmo360
BGM: "Subcon Synths" from Number Three with a Bullet
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
8-6 Bullet Factory
This factory's a war zone! Bill Blasters are everywhere, turning the game from a platformer into a bullet hell. Watch for Bills everywhere as you make your way through the gloomy underground base.

At least you're given ice flowers to work with. Nothing else can stop a bullet like an ice ball. The key to survival here is knowing when to wait and when to run!

Tanooki SuitEdit

8-6 Suit

A short distance after the checkpoint, you might notice this odd square edge in the background. It's actually a highly inconspicuous door that leads to the tanooki suit you see further to the right. If you're busy dodging Bills, you may not even notice it.


8-6 Life1

At the start of the stage, head to the left wall and jump to find yourself an extra life. You just might need it here.

8-6 Life2

In the room with the big metal blocks, another invisible block with a 1-Up can be found in the bottom-left corner of the chamber.

Other SecretEdit

8-6 Secret

It's the running of the Bills! In spite of being bullets, Bills aren't really that fast. Mario can outrun them, and if you keep up with enough of them firing to the right, you can turn your screen into a true bullet hell.

But that's not the secret. If you keep this up all the way to the end of the stage, you can grab the star and turn all those bullets into sweet extra lives. It's not easy to pull off, but oh so very satisfying.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Near the ceiling shortly after the start.
  2. Next to the wall near some hanging platforms.
  3. High above a hanging platform over the first big pit.
  4. In the narrow shaft beyond the checkpoint.
  5. Next to a wall of Bill Blasters.