Creator: seiromem
BGM: "Earth Temple" from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Main Power-Up: Leaf
Suits: 2
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
6-B2 Bublar Temple

Is seiromem infringing on Deckiller's temple territory? The gimmick of this stage is fairly self-evident in its title. It's full of bubbles, which are full of mushroom blocks and spiny eggs. You have to jump off the former and avoid touching the latter.

Link has it a little easier here. Since he can't carry mushroom blocks, there are a few spots he's allowed to bypass via character blocks. However, his controls are more finicky, so it's only easier if you're good with him. At least Navi's around with helpful advice (for once).

Secret SuitsEdit

6-B2 Suit1

In the chamber before the checkpoint, two spiked platforms lead to an upper passage with the tanooki suit. Two mushroom blocks sit in the water below, and you must cover the spikes with them to get across. A Bowser statue is firing at you the entire time, so you have to be careful while placing the mushrooms.

6-B2 Suit2

The hammer suit can be found at the end of the first section. Bubbled mushrooms float over a bottomless pit. If you're a master at hopping off bubbled mushrooms, you can cross for the hammer suit. Those with cold feet can exit to the right instead.


6-B2 Life1

This stage follows the same gimmick with floor tiles that Arid Acropolis does. That is, if a tile in the floor is darker than normal, there's a block above it, whether it's invisible or not. This extra life is an extreme case, though. The floor tile indicating it is at the bottom of the ladder, all the way off-screen.

6-B2 Life2

After the checkpoint, an array of bubbled shrooms lead upward. If you climb to the top, a secret chamber contains a 1-Up, leaf, and nice stash of coins. Hopping up isn't as difficult as it looks, but if you have a tail, you can use the checkpoint platform as a runway and fly up to the top. This same trick could get you through the spike puzzle at the bottom, though that's not as easy to pull off.

Other SecretEdit

6-B2 Secret

If you bring a spare mushroom block with you to the end of the level, you'll score a 1-Up when you collect the star. You could try to be greedy and throw more in there, but bringing them along is tough. They despawn if the go off-screen, so you can only get so many.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the pool of water near Navi.
  2. Against the wall before the tanooki suit.
  3. Over the pit before the hammer suit.
  4. Over the pit in the second section.
  5. Above a bubbled spiny near the end.